Arrival and Departure: Transportation Information

1. Kaohsiung International Airport

a. Flight information (international):

b. Flight information (Cross Strait Non Stop Flight Schedule):

2. HSR (High Speed Rail): From Taipei to Kaohsiung:

3. Train (Taiwan Railway):

4. Taxi: For full information, see

    Provides immediate service, charges are according to the fare meter; 

    NT$ 10 will be added for using the trunk for all lines. It charges around 200 NT from Kaohsiung International Airport to the Hotel.

    Waiting Location: domestic and international terminal first floor arrival exit curbs

    Travel Reservation Phone:07-8032042(AM0900-PM1700)

5. Kaohsiung Metro:

Conference Rooms

A.  Administration Building (Li-Hsueh Building): 3rd Floor and 4th Floor

B.  Language Center on the 3rd floor of Chi-Shih Building

C.  Conference Room on the 9th Floor of Chi-Shih Building

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