The College of the Humanities and Social Sciences is one of the accredited colleges in southern Taiwan. CHS includes two departments, one graduate institute and five centers: The Department of Psychology; the Department of Medical Sociology and Social Work; theGraduate Institute of Gender Studies; the Center of Chinese Language, the Research Center of Positive Psychology and the Research Center of Health and Social Policy. The centers to be established include Cross-Cultural Research Center and the Research Center of Gender and Medical Innovation.

CHS, as an innovative college, was founded on the 1st of August 2012, in order to provide a solid grounding for both professional and interdisciplinary education for students. The history of the colleges refers to the Department of Psychology and the Department of Medical Sociology and Social Work that were once subordinate to the College of Health Sciences, while the Graduate Institute of Gender Studies was once under the College of Nursing. Since February 2016, the Centre for Physical Education and the Centre for Language and Culture, the Center of Humanities and that of Nature and Applied Sciences have been integrated into the Centre for Fundamental Science Education.

The faculty of the college has a respectable record of quality teaching, substantial research and extensive service, and all of the teaching fellows are allocated into each research centers in terms of their expertise. The College of Humanities and Social Sciences not only recruits outstanding academics, but also aims to establish teaching-oriented centers in about five to ten years, such as the Centre for Medical Humanities, Medical Laws, Medical Ethics and Medical Anthropology. The undergraduate study is both theory- and practice-based. It is also crossing disciplinary boundaries. The postgraduate studies aims to train the next generation of professionals in the fields of Healthcare and Medical Industry, such as Psychology, Applied Sociology and Social Work and Gender Studies. Moreover, the College aims to establish the Master and PhD programs, as well as welcomes postgraduates studying cross-field research.  

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences examines and cares issues about humans. Students are expected to work with outstanding academics and specialists in their fields at KMU. The College of Humanities and Social Sciences believes that to develop students’ knowledge and thought processes will cultivate students’ spirit of the humanities and social care and will emerge as strong candidates in job markets. 


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