Gender Studies

The Graduate Program provides courses from a variety of disciplines, which cover the following six areas:

  • Gender, Medicine & Techno-Science
  • Feminist Theory & Practice
  • Gender & History(History of Gender Relations)
  • Working & Family
  • Sexuality, Body & Gender
  • Gender, Class & Ethnicity

To broaden our understandings of gender and women’s issues, the institute frequently invites scholars both from within Taiwan and abroad to give speeches. We also organize gender studies workshops on a regular basis.

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Medical Sociology and Social Works

This curriculum combines trainings in multidiscipline, such as Sociology, Social Work, Social Welfare, Health Administration, and Basic and Clinical Medicine. The practice of social work is also required of the undergraduate students and it is usually held in settings including hospitals, governmental agencies, and private social welfare organizations. The practice is taken in the summer breaks and the fall semester.

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Graduate program emphasizes two areas: 
Clinical psychology includes adult psychopathology, health psychology, child psychology
Applied psychology includes positive psychology and sleep medicine

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